13 Weeks Of Payment $61.60= $800.80

[Morgan Foskey]
Morgan Foskey I hate im going to miss this....i miss my teachers lol
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[Dalas Nixon-Turnage]
Dalas Nixon-Turnage Much love to you Morgan Foskey! Miss you as well! www.parishdiorinstitute.com click o FREE COURSES. We have more free course until 2016!

Natural Hair Enrollment May 2017  Full Payment $1400.  ( Books, Uniforms & Kits 300hr Course.)

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13 Weekly Payments Of $108 =$1404 Full Tuition

High School Students In The 12th Grade Scholarship In 3 Monthly Payments Of $267 Auto Debit.

(Books, Uniforms & Kits 300Hrs Course)

A Former Student

Loan Options

3 Payments Of $467 = $1401 Full Tuition

3 Payments Of $267= $801 Full Tuition

13 Weekly Payments Of $108  Will Be Debited From Your Account Until Tuition Is Paid In Full $1404. All Accounts Must Be  Paid In Full To Receive Certification From parish Dior Institute Of Natural Hair.

(Books, Uniforms, &  Kits 300hrs Course.) 

1 Payment Of $ 800 Paid In Full

1 Full payment  Of $1400 Full Tuition

A Former Student
Crystal Mitchell :  Dalas Nixon-Turnage I learned a lot from you and not just about been a successful hairstylist, but life itself.Thank you luv.

High School Students In The 12th Grade Scholarship Payment In  Full $800 

(Books, Uniforms & Kits 300hrs Course)

High School Students In The 12th  Grade Scholarship Payment Weekly In 13 Weeks Of $61.60= $800.80

(Books, Unniform &Kits 300hrs Course)

Any Questions Please Send Us A Email. Thank You!

​​Natural Hair Enrollment Begins For May 2017. 3 Drafted Payment Will Be Automatically For 3 Months. Once the Third Payment Is Drafted Payment End. All Accounts Must Be Paid In Full To Receive Certification From Parish Dior Institute Of Natural Hair(Books, Uniforms & Kits 300hrs Course.)

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